webbJet  14'

There is shallow water and this boat doesn't care

550cc Jet drive   147lbs

14' x 70" x 21" Jon boat  [ 310 lbs ? ]        

3/8 Plywood, stick , screw and  glue construction


In the past few years, I have found a need for a boat that will travel in water without the threat of damaging the motor.

Stan beside the hull that we assembled in the garage during the winter now awaiting the epoxy covering.

While on the water with my bud Stan discussing different means to keep from damaging my valuable boating equipment on rocks, I have always come back to the idea of removing the jet drive from a jet ski and installing it into a Jon Boat.  Stan having ridden a jet ski before insisted I was crazy and had a death wish.  My wife was not thrilled with the endeavor either.  I am beginning to win them over.  Stan has been the easiest and is now impatiently waiting for me to finish assembling the jet drive so we can get back to building the boat in my garage. 

Stan cutting the hole in the bottom of the hull in order for the intake to pick up water.

We are continuing to work on the project on a daily basis much to the disillusionment of my 14 year old daughter when I am tying up the phone line.

I am using a jet drive out of a Kawasaki 440 Standup Jet Ski which I got at what I thought was a bargain.  I have found out via the Internet that I just got a good deal.  There is a lot out there just waiting on projects like this one.

The jet drive placed in position to verify intake and exhaust hole.

The jet drive on its side exposing its belly for your viewing pleasure.

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